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Brambleton Area Guide

Brambleton is a master planned community (and also award-winning) that is situated on approximately 2,500 acres of land, in close proximity to Ashburn that is in Loudoun County in Virginia. Quality lifestyle, beautiful setting and convenient location are all reasons that more and more persons are becoming interested in purchasing Brambleton homes.

Brambleton has been zoned for a wide selection of commercial and residential uses. Brambelton’s overall layout calls for more than 8,000 residential units that are inclusive of an adult community that is very active, and a Town Center that holds: flex space or light industrial space; commercial offices; neighborhood retail; office space; retail space.

The way in which this town was designed was to include traditional Brambleton homes that are strategically placed alongside streetscapes and spaces that are pedestrian-oriented. The roadways and landscaped streets feature top quality amenities, common areas and parks that Brambleton has become quite popular for. Presently, this town includes: ball fields, various sports courts, parks, tot lots, miles of public trails and two pools. Additionally, the community of Brambleton is home to 3 Loudoun County, Brambleton Public Schools, which are: Briar Woods High School, Creighton’s Corner Elementary and Legacy Elementary. There are also 2 Winwood childcare centers and one other public school site that is located in the community.

When looking for Brambleton homes to purchase or rent, you need to bear in mind that this community has something to offer everyone. Whether it is pertaining to your work, family or school goals, Brambleton is a community that is suited for almost everyone’s lifestyle needs. However, in order to ensure that you choose the right Brambleton homes for you and your family, it is imperative that you meet with a real estate agent in the area to take a look at the options that are available to you. Additionally, prior to meeting with the real estate agent you need to think about the features of your ideal home, and you should also consider how much you will be able to spend on Brambleton homes.

There are quite a few amenities that Brambleton offers all its residents, including:

• 3 worship planned worship sites, 3 daycare centers and 4 schools

• Community Intranet

• Basketball and tennis courts

• Baseball, softball and soccer fields

• 2 pools at present, and 2 others planned

• Playgrounds

• Trails, ponds and scenic parks

• Clubhouse for party rentals

• Health and Sports Club

• Special events that are hosted throughout the year, inclusive of: casino nights, yearly community events, family campouts, and summer concerts that are held at the Town Center.



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